The Top 5 Moments from the Weekly Address

Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), Chairman of the House Budget Committee, joins us this week for the Republican Weekly Address to talk about health care. As doctor himself, Chairman Price understands the relationship between patients and their doctors, and the importance of protecting that relationship so they are the ones making decisions about their health care — not the government.

Take a look at the top 5 moments from Chairman Price’s address.

1. “Some of the most recent [Obamacare] fallout has been the near total collapse of the Obamacare co-ops…today, the co-ops are failing at an alarming rate, shutting their doors, and dropping their customers. Only six of the original twenty-three remain. Just six. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost healthcare coverage because of these co-op failures…those same folks are now subject to a tax penalty for not having insurance.”

2. “We in the House of Representatives passed a bill this week that would exempt those who lost coverage due to the failure of Obamacare’s co-ops from the individual mandate. After all of the harm Obamacare has caused, it is the right thing to do.”

3. “House Republicans are listening. And we know it’s not simply enough to acknowledge the failures and the fallout. It’s up to us to offer and alternative. And that’s exactly what we’ve done. We’re calling it a Better Way for Health Care, and you can read the whole plan on our website—”

4. “Before going into public service, I practiced orthopedic surgery for over 20 years. That first hand experience taught me that there is nothing more sacred in healthcare than the doctor-patient relationship. And, our Better Way plan respects and protects the doctor-patient relationship. It’s the plan that America needs.”

5. “House Republicans are offering a clean break with the past, a plan to repeal Obamacare and to start over with real, patient-centered solutions that put patients, and families, and doctors in charge—not Washington D.C.”

As Chairman Price says, House Republicans have released our plan to not just repeal Obamacare, but to replace it with a commonsense approach that puts patients first, and allows for affordable and quality health care for all. Our plan isn’t a return to the Pre-Obamacare status quo, it’s a new approach to make sure our health care system works for all Americans. It’s A Better Way to Fix Health Care.

Check out the full address here, and visit to see our full plan for A Better Way to Fix Health Care.