Today on Capitol Hill: Rep. Scott Tipton on House GOP Work to Undo Job-killing Regulations

People today are trapped –drowning in red tape. That’s because the Obama administration’s eight-year-long regulatory regime has put bureaucrats ahead of people. The pages and pages of rules and regulations they’ve enacted are hurting everyone from our small businesses, to our farmers and ranchers, to our economy.

So today, at a press conference on Capitol Hill, Rep. Scott Tipton (R-CO) joined House Republican Leadership and discussed his hard work on rolling back the burdensome, job-killing regulations of the last eight years

Says Rep. Tipton, “We lost 68,000 coal mining jobs during the Obama Administration. Standing here in Washington, it may be hard to imagine the impact of losing those jobs, but for families, families that I visit with every time that I’m home, it means falling behind on your mortgage, struggling to be able to put food on the table for your children, and picking which bills will have to go unpaid this month. Our concerns about the Stream Buffer Rule, Venting and Flaring Rules, and the BLM’s 2.0 Rules, and many others, fell on deaf ears during the Obama Administration’s final days. … I’m a firm believer, that when done right, regulations play an important role in keeping our communities safe and secure, but what we saw out of the Obamacare Administration during its final months went far beyond safety and security.”