T&I Chair Admits Dems Are Pursuing GND “Principles” In Highway Bill

Rather than moving forward w/ a bipartisan highway bill that would upgrade America’s roads, bridges, and public transportation, Democrats have been pushing a proposal that focuses on enacting the Green New Deal:

  • Politico: “With Green-Tinted Glasses, Democrats Showcase Their Infrastructure Plans”
  • Washington Examiner: “‘Love Affair With The Green New Deal’: Republicans Slam House Democrats’ Infrastructure Plan”

In a press conference this afternoon, House Transportation & Infrastructure Chairman Peter DeFazio removed any doubt and admitted that this is the focus of his party’s approach:

CHAIRMAN DeFAZIO: “The bill is extraordinarily ambitious. The Republicans have been a bit critical at points during the markup in saying ‘this is the Green New Deal 2.0.’ This is the application of the principles of the Green New Deal.” 

There has already been plenty of ink spilled about how devastating the Green New Deal would be for the American people in terms of its estimated $93T price tagthe jobs it would destroyhow much it would cost families, and more. The plan has been panned as a “trojan horse for socialism,” and even some Democrats have criticized it for how far it goes.

The fact that House Democrats are openly acknowledging that they are using what should be a chance for Congress to come together to improve America’s infrastructure as an opportunity to advance the socialist “principles” of the Green New Deal is a telling sign about the priorities of their majority.