This is about Health Coverage for Our Children

Imagine receiving a notice informing you that your health coverage has been suspended because government funding wasn’t authorized in time. That seems like a pretty ridiculous reason for you to lose access to your doctor.

And yet…

If Democrats don’t get on board with the reauthorization of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), this might become a reality for the nine million children who depend on it.

Before CHIP was created in 1997, 14 percent of American children couldn’t go to the doctor, get a flu shot, carry an inhaler, or cast their broken arms without footing a huge bill. This is why, more than 20 years ago, Democrats and Republicans came together to authorize a program that would serve as a safety net to those kids coming from low- and moderate-income families.

This was never a partisan issue.

This past year, House Republicans successfully voted to extend CHIP three times.

Each time we voted to get low- and middle-income kids the coverage they needed, nearly all Democrats in the House voted against it.

“We put together a package, we did our work, and we passed it. That’s in the Senate. We have been waiting ever since to get that passed and they can’t find Democrats in the Senate to get this done.”

-Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Greg Walden (R-OR):

If the Democrats do not join us on this issue, CHIP funding will soon run out in states like Washington, Kentucky, Alabama, and Virginia. Millions of children will wake up one day and be uninsured. Unprotected.

This is why House Republicans are voting to reauthorize this critical program for six years, the longest extension in CHIP’s history. And we are inviting our colleagues across the aisle to join us.

“There’s no good reason to punish children today by keeping Congress from passing CHIP reauthorization.”

-House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers

We are doing this to fulfill our commitment to children across America. With this vote, we are ensuring that children from low- and middle-income families will have access to critical health care in the years to come. They will have the prescriptions and immunizations they need. They will have access to a doctor when they have a cold. They will be safeguarded when they break a bone or skin a knee.

They will not go uninsured. We will not allow for the most vulnerable among us to suffer in such an unnecessary way. We will not allow partisan games to get in the way of the health and safety of our children.