The White House Continues To Fail America’s Students

The Biden Administration’s failure to follow the science and work to reopen schools has been covered at-length. Since taking office, the President walked back his initial promise to have all students back in the classroom within his first 100 days after facing pressure from the teachers union.

These unions continue to put roadblocks in the way of reopening schools, despite the fact that the Director of the CDC and Dr. Fauci have both said that teachers being vaccinated are not a prerequisite for having students physically back in the classroom.

Even though the science and position of the experts could not be clearer, Administration officials still refuse to say definitively that schools should reopen even if all teachers have not yet received the vaccine. In her first one-on-one interview since being sworn-in last month, Vice President Harris was asked repeatedly if she agreed with the experts and thought that schools should reopen with the CDC’s recommended public health measures even if all teachers had not been vaccinated. She punted each time:

  • The New York Post: “Kamala Harris fumbles when challenged on school reopenings in ‘Today’ interview”

Vice President Harris’s senior advisor did the same thing in an interview with CNN yesterday as well, prompting the host to say “it’s not a trick question,” even though the spokesperson refused to answer it directly:

A CNN political analyst pointed out that Administration officials “can’t seem to just give a simple answer about what the science says about when schools should reopen,” and a column in today’s New York Post explains how their indecisiveness can only explained as an effort to appease the teachers unions:

  • The New York Post (Podhoretz): “Team Biden is making up absurd excuses for shuttered schools just to please unions”
    • Remember the good old days, when the issue of reopening schools to full-time, in-class instruction was about COVID? It’s not about helping people avoid contracting the novel coronavirus any longer.

      Now it’s about saving them from . . . mold. And asthma. And other conditions that have nothing whatever to do with COVID and everything to do with coming up with reasons why schools should remain closed until teachers unions decide it’s all right for their members to go back to doing what teachers have done since the days of ancient Athens — instruct their charges in person. Face to face.

      Professional education journalists and Democratic politicians shift the goalposts daily, to make it harder and more complicated, not easier, to get kids back in a classroom with a teacher in front of them.

The Administration’s unwillingness to follow the science and take concrete steps to reopen schools amounts to a failure of our nation’s students. The White House cannot be trusted to govern responsibly if they are going to put the interests of their political allies before what’s best for the nation, and all the evidence tells us that getting students back into the classroom is unquestionably the right thing to do.