The Obamacare Deception – Were Democrats Complicit?

On Tuesday, two of the most influential players in the construction and implementation of Obamacare, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Administrator Marilyn Tavenner and Obamacare architect and MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber, will testify before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on the lack of transparency associated with the President’s healthcare law.

By now we’ve all seen the numerous videos of Jonathan Gruber admitting to deliberately deceiving the American people in order to get the President’s healthcare law passed. In his own words, he “relied on the stupidity of the American voter.” Make no mistake— Gruber’s remarks were not a slip of the tongue. He echoed the same sentiments on half a dozen occasions, to numerous different audiences. In a half-hearted mea culpa, he offered what could barely be described as an apology saying he had “spoken off the cuff” and “regretted those comments.” Yet more videos continued to surface of him echoing the same sentiments.

Gruber’s confession raises an important question: Did Gruber also deceive House and Senate Democrats into passing the Affordable Care Act, or were they complicit in deceiving the American people?

If you’ll recall, not a single Republican voted in favor of the President’s healthcare law. Yet the entire House and Senate Democratic Caucus supported the passage of Obamacare hook, line and sinker. This can’t go both ways. Either Democratic leaders were blindly duped by Jonathan Gruber and other individuals instrumental in crafting the healthcare law, or they were knowingly complicit in deceiving the American people to get the law passed.

The Obamacare deception doesn’t stop there. In August, CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner announced that 7.3 million had enrolled in Obamacare. However, in November, it came to light that the Administration had inflated that number by 400,000 by reportedly doubling enrollees who signed up for both healthcare and dental plans in an attempt to reach the 7 million enrollee threshold. It turned out the actual enrollment figure was 6.7 million. But that still doesn’t provide the full answer. Only in Washington, D.C. does 7.3 million minus 6.7 million equal 400,000. Tavenner will have a lot of questions to answer on this deliberate deception and lack of transparency.

The takeaway from both of these egregious deceptions is simple: if a law relies on mass deception to pass and continues to rely on deception, should that law be on the books in the first place? I look forward to getting answers from Mr. Gruber and Administrator Tavenner in tomorrow’s hearing. The American people are sick of the lack of transparency.