The Heart Of The Matter?

Feb 11, 2020 | Press Team •

In a presser w/ Chuck Schumer today, Speaker Pelosi repeated her well-worn line about a budget representing national values and then said that the budget “in terms of our legislative work, is the heart of the matter. It’s where it all begins.”

If that’s the case, did she and her caucus abandon the “heart” of all their legislative work by not even proposing a budget last year?

Why won’t they show the American people the cost of their socialist agenda that would make everything – from health care, to college, to income and more – government provided and free? Does it have something to do with this poll from today?

SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI: Our Federal Budget should be a statement of our national values. What is important to us as a nation should be reflected in how we allocate our resources. The Budget, in terms of our legislative work, is the heart of the matter, it’s where it all begins.

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Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats Have Been Obsessed With Impeaching The President, Instead Of Working To Solve Problems For The American People.