The Democrats’ Wishlist Is Bad. The Coming Tax Hikes Will Make It Worse.

For weeks, Republicans have exposed the fact that President Biden and Speaker Pelosi used the pandemic as an excuse to pass dangerous liberal policies that threaten our nation. The reckless spending and irresponsible proposals in their “payoff to progressives” legislation will only make our recovery more difficult, and put the country on an unsustainable path moving forward.

The multitude of problems with their massive spending bill cannot be understated:

  • It only focuses 9% of its spending on COVID health
  • It provides billions in unnecessary bailouts to fiscally irresponsible states
  • It includes billions to bailout union pension funds
  • It sends taxpayer money to fund abortion and Planned Parenthood
  • It enables illegal immigrants and felons to receive taxpayer-funded checks
  • It may result in cuts to Medicare and other important programs

And that’s just a topline sampling. It gets worse when it becomes clear that President Biden and Democrats plan to force hardworking Americans to foot the bill so they can pay for these senseless provisions.

In other words, middle-class families – who are already struggling as it is – will likely see a tax hike that threatens their livelihoods and economic security so that the federal government can provide stimulus checks to violent criminals in prison. That’s the policy Democrats have put forward.

The bill President Biden signed into law last week already raises taxes by $60 billion, but according to reports, their newest proposal will try to take more than $2T from hardworking Americans.

It cannot be understated how dangerous the Democrats’ agenda will be for nation. Republicans cut taxes for America’s middle-class and initiated record economic growth and job creation. Now, Democrats want to erase that progress and take more of Americans’ hard-earned money so that they can turn around and carelessly spend it on their out-of-touch agenda.

The American people don’t want money that they work hard for to be taken by the federal government. They especially don’t want that to happen if they know it is going to be used to bailout Democrats’ political allies, fund their absurd Green New Deal-style programs, support individuals who break the law, and more.

The country has a choice: either Democrats will have the opportunity to continue advancing their devastating tax-and-spend ideas that penalize everyday Americans while rewarding the far-left, or the federal government can strive to put in place commonsense policies that help workers, help families, and lift everyone up.

That choice will only be made clear by exposing the danger in the path proposed by President Biden and Speaker Pelosi.