The Democrats’ Agenda Is Impeachment

Since claiming the House majority, Democrats have been focused on taking down President Trump at any cost. They’ve spent months conducting sham hearings and baseless investigations, despite Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report concluding there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Despite the fact that they have failed to produce on any of the issues that truly matter for the American people, Speaker Pelosi is, as noted on CNN today by Politico’s John Bresnahan, now under tremendous pressure to devote all their time and attention to impeachment.

In sum, impeachment is set to become their entire agenda, full stop:

Kate Boulduan: “Legally and tactically can sometimes be diametrically opposed to politically. What is it about this argument that we’re hearing from folks, that launching the impeachment inquiry doesn’t mean there will be a vote on impeachment? In my head, how is that possible? Isn’t the message pretty much the same?”

John Bresnahan: “Oh, I agree with you totally. If you start an impeachment inquiry, I think you end up voting on impeachment. Then the second part of this, there are some Democrats who are saying, ‘Well, we can continue to conduct a legislative agenda parallel to impeachment.’ Let’s forget about that. I covered Bill Clinton’s impeachment in 1998. There is no legislative agenda if you impeach the president. That is your agenda. I do think if you begin an inquiry, I think just by the sheer logic of it, the sheer force of it, you will end up with a vote, at minimum in the Judiciary Committee, and maybe on the floor of the House, to impeach the president. Pelosi sees that once you go down this road, you can’t go back. And you know, I think she’s trying to balance, trying to thread the needle here. And right now, she’s still leaning against impeachment, but the pressure is growing on her.”

Bottom line: House Democrats have been obsessed with undoing the 2016 election since the day President Trump was sworn in. It was only a matter of time before they devoted all their energy to impeaching him.