The Costs Will Be More Severe

Yesterday, President Biden visited a business in Pennsylvania to kick off his efforts to tout Democrats’ far-left wishlist that does more to advance their dangerous liberal agenda than help hardworking Americans. While the business he visited benefitted from a PPP loan that was the result of a bipartisan compromise, the coming tax increases and other provisions in the Democrats’ will only hurt them and our overall economy:

  • The Washington Times: “Biden tours Pa. small business that benefited from PPP loan under Trump”

Speaker Pelosi endorsed the Biden Administration’s plans to raise taxes by $2.1T to pay for their massive spending bill and Democrats’ green new deal agenda, calling for increases to the corporate tax rate and capital gains tax last night:

These costs to the American people will be far more severe than any benefits offered by Democrats wishlist. Tax hikes will hurt middle-class families, eliminate jobs, depress economic growth, and make our recovery efforts more difficult. Forcing hardworking Americans to foot the bill and pay for these dangerous liberal ideas will only cause economic pain in the long run, on top of the irresponsible level of spending Democrats are intent on advancing. An editorial in yesterday’s Arkansas Democrat-Gazette shared by Rep. French Hill highlights the extent to which this use government resources represents “negligent recklessness”: