ObamaCare’s Not So Happy Anniversary

This week marked the third anniversary of Obamacare, and with it comes a reminder that the bill Democrats shoved down the American people’s throat in 2010. Unfortunately for Democrats, Americans still have a bitter taste.

·          Only 37 percent of Americans approve of Obamacare.  

·          $3,000 premium increase since 2008 despite a promise it would decrease by $2,500

·          $165 Billion in new taxes

·          7 million Americans will lose their job-based insurance

·          $716 Billion cut from Medicare

·          Costs almost twice the original price tag

Senate Democrats Unbalanced Budget Flop

This week, the House passed a plan to balance the budget, a budget in stark contrast to Democrats ideas for a budget including the Senate plan which failed in the House on a bipartisan vote. Unfortunately for House Democrats, a study came out this week highlighting the economic benefits of the Path to Prosperity, a plan that balances.

Only 28% of Americans support Democratic unbalanced budget policies of more spending and higher taxes

A majority of Americans support a budget that balances without raising taxes

Why? Because a balanced budget would provide:

·         $1,500 increase in household income in 2014

·         $4,000 increase in household income over ten years

·         500,000 more American jobs in 2014

·         1.7 million more American jobs within ten years