Tax reform is an investment in Pennsylvanians

Every American deserves the opportunity to pursue their own unique version of the American Dream. For far too long, we’ve had a tax code that leaves families feeling like they’re doing everything right, but still struggling to make ends meet. 

When the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act was introduced last Thursday, you could feel the excitement on Capitol Hill. We were one step closer to helping families feel secure, businesses hire, and paychecks grow. That historic moment was, simply put, a game-changer for the American people.

As we went through the bill and discussed each section, my mind went immediately to the people of Pennsylvania.

I recently spoke to a single father of five in Lancaster County. His ask of Congress was straightforward: a tax reform plan that means he’d get more money in his paychecks. He makes ends meet now, but it isn’t easy with five kids and he could use a little help.

He’s exactly the type of person we’re trying to help with our bill — and who inspired its creation. Our reform will make the tax code simpler and more honest.

This morning, House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers joins me in Lancaster to hear from families like this why tax reform will open doors and increase opportunities for them. I know she shares my excitement with this bill, and I’m confident that families, workers, and small business owners across my district will see this plan for what it is: an investment in them and in the innovative spirit that built this country.

For more information on how tax reform helps you and your family, text TAX REFORM to 50589.