Tax reform isn’t about brackets — it’s about people

If you want to see the face of tax reform, look to America’s First District. Since America’s founding, the First District of Virginia, my home, has been a stronghold for hardworking men and women who grow food, raise their families, and help shape what we now consider the American Dream.

Each day, I commute back to Montross, Virginia, and I hear from people back home that they are struggling. Families are living paycheck to paycheck, farmers can’t pass down their legacy to their children without paying Uncle Sam, and too many small businesses are kept from expanding and creating jobs. With our tax reform bill, the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, we will begin to offer relief. There are a number of big policy wins with our reforms, but it’s important that the American people’s voices don’t get drowned out by talk of statistics and tax brackets.

Throughout this tax reform process, I am committed to making sure we help our small businesses and working-class Americans. We cannot continue to burden our families and job creators; we must instead unleash America’s full potential.

That’s why this afternoon, House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers will join me in Fredericksburg while on her “Faces of Tax Reform” tour. She and I will hear from local families, workers, and business owners who need pro-growth tax reform to help grow their businesses and improve their lives.

Here’s a sample of some of the stories she’ll hear from small business owners in my district:

Kevin Dillard of LifeCare Medical Transports:

We regularly give a lot back to our communities—financially and with in-kind donations.  With the tax reform this will allow us to give back even more!  As our nation’s leadership strives to grow our economy, we too, as a community based business, will have more opportunities for growth because of the proposed lower tax rates for companies. This will equate to a surge in our growth and allow us to pay higher wages and create more jobs in the communities that we serve. The creation of a tax code that is simplified, efficient and fair will certainly boost economic growth. This will ultimately contribute in a positive manner to the way of life for our employees and their families. These tax code changes can be a catalyst for not only higher wages and more job opportunities, but also will help with the valuing of work and returning dignity to the hard working people we employ.  

For more on how the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act will help you and your family, text TAX REFORM to 50589