Tax Reform is Already Helping Everyday Americans

Jan 05, 2018 | Communications •

That’s right, we’re just into 2018, and the benefits of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act are already being seen across our great nation.

Despite the gloom and doom and armageddon talk from defenders of the status quo, the benefits of tax reform speak for themselves.

In the first few weeks of this new year…

More than 500 companies (so far) are offering employees benefits!

With about $139,997,520,000 invested back into the U.S.

With at least 4,000,000 (and counting) Americans receiving special bonuses!

Here are the companies taking action as a direct result of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (yes, they are actually crediting tax reform for their actions).

We’re just scratching the surface here. If you want to learn more about the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act visit