Women Making History

Mimi Walters: If government gets out of the way…

Jared Powell • March 30, 2016

At the age of 18, Rep. Mimi Walters (R-CA) cast her first vote for President Ronald Reagan.  This vote was made possible by the women pioneers who in 1920 fought to secure their constitutional right to vote — not only for themselves, but for all women. Her vote for former President Ronald Reagan sparked an …

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Mes de la Mujer 2016

Comunicaciones • March 29, 2016

El mes de Marzo es reconocido como el Mes de la Mujer. Durante este mes celebramos y conmemoremos la lucha histórica por mejorar la vida de mujeres en nuestro pais y alrededor del mundo. Mujeres de todas partes del país, con antecedentes muy diversos y interesante forman parte de Tu Congreso. Aquí un poco sobre las Representantes: Renee Ellmers (NC), …

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Rep. Virginia Foxx: The power of “anything is possible”

Jared Powell • March 28, 2016

Women’s History Month is our opportunity to celebrate the incredible accomplishments of women across America– women like Jeannette Rankin, who in 1917 became the first woman to serve in Congress.  Since then, hundreds of women have followed her example, becoming trailblazers themselves in the U.S. House and Senate. For many of these women, the path to the People’s House …

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Miller Honors the “Original Rosies”

Jared Powell • March 23, 2016

This Women’s History Month, we seize the opportunity to remember women whose stories have been told throughout history, while honoring the women who continue making history for future generations. Rep. Candice Miller (R-MI) honors a special group of women whose rigorous work and patriotism sustained America during war times. Their stories will forever be etched into our nation’s history and continue to resonate …

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McSally: Prioritizing Merit

Jared Powell • March 22, 2016

When Martha McSally (R-AZ), history’s first female fighter pilot to fly in combat, learned about the Administration’s recent decision to exclude the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) from the Arlington National Cemetery, she took action. “The WASPs were the first women to fly planes in the military and stepped up to serve when we needed them most,” says Mcsally. “Now, just like then, …

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Seize the Opportunity to Honor and Celebrate the Trailblazers

Communications • March 20, 2016

Our country is a place where you should be trusted to pursue your own dreams – no matter your background, or your walk of life.  This is all part the agenda we’re building to restore a confident America, where every American can feel secure in our lives and our futures. This Women’s History Month, we …

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Virginia Foxx: “Every Issue is a Women’s Issue”

Jared Powell • March 19, 2016

As President Obama touts his same top-down, business-as-usual status quo, House Republicans are building a bold agenda for the people – produced by the people’s representatives.  Our agenda focuses on a future where every American is empowered to make their own decisions and pursue their own dreams. Earlier this week, Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) sat …

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Mia Love: Celebrating women as public servants

COMMUNICATIONS • March 18, 2016

This Women’s History Month, trailblazer Mia Love, a Utah Congresswoman serving her first term in office, talks about the often thankless work women bring to public service. In her recent op-ed published online for The Daily Caller, Love writes: “Throughout history, and without fanfare, women have fought in our wars, teachers have inspired our youth, …

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Rep. Renee Ellmers Shares the One Piece of Advice That’s Inspired Her Throughout Her Career

Jared Powell • March 17, 2016

Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) dreamed of a career focused on creating opportunities that improved the lives of others while finding immediate solutions to the problems they face. This dream led to her successful pursuit of a career in nursing. Little did she know, several years later, she would be serving in the People’s House — still driven by those very same …

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Rep. Martha McSally and Senator Joni Ernst Wage Battle for Women Airforce Service Pilots

Communications • March 16, 2016

This Women’s History Month, we celebrate women who have blazed the trail as well as those who continue making history for the next generation. But as Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ) and Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) have seen, there’s one celebration that’s been quite the battle: The fight over whether or not World War II Women Airforce Service …

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