Middle Class Squeeze

Our Christmas Wishlist

Jared Powell • December 23, 2014

We can’t help but get excited about the holiday season — so we’re making our list and checking it twice. Our wishlist is filled with solutions the American people have been asking for — solutions that will create jobs, strengthen our economy, ease the squeeze on every day items, and cut federal red tape. Here’s …

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It’s been a long year

Communications • December 19, 2014

Life hasn’t been easy for a lot of Americans this year. The New York Times, Kaiser Family Foundation, and CBS News recently polled thousands of Americans who are unemployed. But instead of focusing only on those who meet the government’s official definition of unemployment, this survey looks at all adults who are not working — regardless of desire …

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Household income hasn’t changed — but everything else is more expensive

Communications • October 14, 2014

About half of Americans consider themselves part of the middle class — and for those Americans, the past few years have been economically uncomfortable. Because while middle class income hasn’t changed — the cost of everything else has. Education, gas, home-buying, and even movie tickets cost more than they did in 1995, yet the wages Americans bring home remain stagnant. CNN …

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