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Small Business, Regulations, and Super Bowl 49

Small Business Committee • February 5, 2015

Whether you’re a Seahawk still soured by the near victory, a Patriot glowing in the aftermath of the big win, or a loyalist to some other team scheming about next season, there is one thing football fans of all stripes should cheer for – our small businesses. Like the Brady-Belichick relationship, American families and small …

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Shining a Light on the Regulatory Process

Rep. Virginia Foxx • February 4, 2015

Each year Washington imposes thousands of pages of rules and regulations on America’s local governments and small businesses. Hidden in those rules are costly mandates that stretch state and city budgets and make it harder for employers to hire. In 1995, members from both parties got behind, and President Bill Clinton signed, the Unfunded Mandates …

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House Republicans Set Right Priorities, Fair System for Legal Immigration

Rep. Aaron Schock • January 28, 2015

Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) represents Illinois’ 18th Congressional District. Today he released the following op-ed, also published in Red Alert Politics. The President and the U.S. Congress agree: our immigration system is broken. What we don’t agree on is the best way to fix it. There are currently 4.4 million people ready to enter the United …

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5 Things to Know: Iran Nuclear Negotiations Hearing

Chairman Ed Royce • January 27, 2015

Today, the House Foreign Affairs Committee held a hearing to look at the prospects of reaching a viable nuclear agreement with Iran; one that increases our national security.  Iran has been, and will continue to be, the Committee’s top priority.  You can find the expert testimony here. Here are 5 things you need to know: 1. Iran is …

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In the Way of Progress

Rep. Bill Johnson • January 27, 2015

Thanks to the oil and natural gas development occurring beneath our feet across Eastern and Southeastern Ohio – and throughout the United States – America finds itself on the precipice of an energy renaissance.  In fact, the United States is now the world’s largest producer of natural gas, and some experts estimate that Ohio may …

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Time to Put an End to Sex Trafficking

Rep. Erik Paulsen • January 26, 2015

When you hear the words ‘sex trafficking’ or ‘human trafficking’, we often think that this is something that only takes place in some other country far away. The truth is traffickers are exploiting young girls for their own financial gain right here in our own communities. It’s happening in our cities, suburbs, and rural towns. …

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College Affordability: Free Tuition Misses the Mark

Rep. Luke Messer • January 16, 2015

Policymaking is problem solving.  Our principles and priorities come together to find solutions that make life better for all Americans. Truthfully, our nation’s higher education system is in need of some real problem solving. Skyrocketing costs are pricing lower and middle-income Americans out of the market.  And, many who graduate do so with insurmountable debt.  …

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Building the LNG Infrastructure We Need

Rep. Mike Pompeo • January 14, 2015

Americans depend on natural gas to go about our daily lives.  Over half the homes in the U.S. are heated by natural gas.  When companies require high temperatures for manufacturing processes, they turn to natural gas in order to reduce air pollution emissions.  Common household products such as paper, trash bags, even medicines all employ …

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3 Things to Know About the House Homeland Bill

Rep. Bob Goodlatte • January 14, 2015

President Obama has embarked on some of the biggest executive power grabs in American history by unilaterally rewriting our nation’s immigration laws. These actions ignore the will of the American people, who voted in November to change the way Washington operates, and flout the Constitution. If we don’t stop President Obama’s executive overreach on immigration, …

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Time To Build

Rep. Kevin Cramer • January 9, 2015

It’s been over six years, or 2,303 days, since the application to construct the Keystone XL pipeline was submitted for a presidential permit. In the time elapsed, this project has become the most studied pipeline in human history, with more than 22,000 pages of environmental review completed. Yet with the U.S. House set to vote …

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