Supporting Impeachment For 2+ Yrs Means It’s Not About The Facts…

Today, Chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee Maxine Waters took her calls for President Trump’s removal one step forward by calling for the president’s imprisonment and placement in “solitary confinement.”

Surprising as it may be, this is not new. Take a look at what she’s been saying for 2+ years:

CNN (April 2017): “Rep. Waters leads impeach Trump chant”

RealClearPolitics (November 2017): “Maxine Waters Starts “Impeach 45” Chant At ‘Glamour Women Of The Year Awards’”

Fox News (July 2018): “Maxine Waters brushes off alleged threats, vows to ‘Impeach 45’”

Washington Free Beacon (April 2019): “Waters: The American people will force Pelosi, Democrats to impeach Trump”

Washington Examiner (April 2019): “Maxine Waters: You better believe I’m still going to try to impeach Trump”

The Hill (May 2019): “Maxine Waters: Trump ‘has done everything that one could even think of to be eligible for impeachment’”

Fox News (July 2019): “Maxine Waters launches latest attack on Trump, suggests he should be put in prison”

Essence (September 2019): “Rep. Maxine Waters, the first to call for impeachment, discusses Trump and impeachment process”

Bottom Line: Maxine Waters has been on this train from day one. For her, it’s not about the facts. It’s about her hatred of this President and obsession with removing him from office, regardless of the truth.