Stopping government abuse? #StuckInTheSenate

Federal government employees hold a great amount of responsibility — unfortunately within recent years, we’ve seen grave abuses within these positions.

Whether it’s Lois Lerner’s conservative targeting through the the IRS to Jeffrey Neely’s federally-funded lavish Vegas trip, it’s no wonder that only 34% of Americans trust their government a “fair amount” (and only 9% trust the government a “great amount”).

House Republicans want to gain that trust back — and we know that starts by putting limitations in place to protect Americans from government overreach and abuse.

Last year, House Republicans passed H.R. 2879, the Stop Government Abuse Act to put limitations on the pay of employees who are under investigation and puts a limit on the bonuses federal employees can receive. This bill also puts power into the hands of individuals by allowing them to record phone conversations with federal employees.

As taxpayers, all Americans should be able to trust their government– but right now, they don’t. House Republicans have passed a solution to both protect and empower Americans from fraudulent government abuse.

However, there’s something still standing in the way: Senate Democrats. Even though this bill was passed over a year ago, it remains stuck in a Democratic Senate, gathering dust on Harry Reid’s desk. Americans are growing weary of being wary, and House Republicans understand their concern and anger. For our government to work effectively, we must be able to hold federal employees accountable. But don’t be fooled — Senate Democrats understand that too, they just aren’t doing anything about it.