Stefanik: Not A Single Witness Had Direct Evidence Of Impeachable Offenses

REP. ELISE STEFANIKToday, I think it is very important to report to the American people this is the first time after 70-plus days that they are able to hear the President’s team make his case. This has been an unfair process from the start. As you know, the President’s legal team was not able to sit in on the depositions. What we heard from Adam Schiff and the Democratic house was plucking portions of depositions, and I think you  are going to hear a lot of pushback and setting the record straight. The questions that I asked the witnesses on House Intelligence Committee, not a single witness had direct evidence of impeachable offenses, high crimes, misdemeanors, bribery or treason. And I want to comment, I went home to my district last night, I was at a big local chamber of commerce event, about 500 people, and almost every single person I talked to said when are we going to get beyond this and get back to work on behalf of the American people. They were excited about USMCA, I represent a district right along the U.S.-Canadian border, so people want us to get back to work. This is a distraction and I believe the President has an incredibly strong case based upon the facts.