Starr: In Rush To Impeach, Dems Said “Don’t Have Time To Follow The Rules…We’ll Break Those Rules”

KEN STARR: A question to be asked: Did the House Judiciary Committee rush to judgment in fashioning the articles of impeachment? Did it carefully gather the facts, assess the facts, before it concluded, “We need nothing more than the panel of very distinguished professors and the splendid presentations by both the majority counsel and the minority counsel.” We asked them questions, the Republicans asked them questions. We heard their answers. We’re ready to vote, we’re ready to try this case in the high court of impeachment. What was being said in the sounds of silence was this: “We don’t have time to follow the rules. We won’t even allow the House Judiciary minority members, who have been besieging us time and again, to have their day—just one day—to call their witnesses. Oh yes, that is expressly provided for in the rules, but we’ll break those rules.” That’s not liberty and justice for all.