The U.S. economy has come to a standstill. GDP growth slowed to 0.1% in the first quarter, one of the weakest growth rates in months.

Despite the rhetoric about recovery, middle-class Americans are struggling. They are adjusting to an unfortunate “new normal,” filled with unemployment, underemployment, higher energy and health care costs, and less take home pay.

Creating jobs for Americans remains the top priority for House Republicans. We have passed dozens of bills that would create good-paying jobs and strengthen the American economy. However, these bills are now stuck in a Democratic-controlled Senate.

And the President solution?  Raise the minimum wage – which would do just the opposite, curtailing hiring and hurting small businesses. It is estimated that a minimum-wage hike would eliminate 300,000 jobs per year, and reduce Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by over $40 billion annually– slowing economic growth even more.

House Republicans believe the best way to help people is to provide the training they need to get better-paying jobs. The SKILLS Act, passed over a year ago in March 2013, would modernize and reform the federal workforce development programs, putting Americans back to work with better jobs.

Job training will be more applicable and accessible, tailored for occupations like nursing, bookkeepers, and computer specialists.

 The current system is a “maze of confusing training programs,” according to President Obama himself. The SKILLS Act eliminates unnecessary workforce programs and streamlines them into a single Workforce Investment Fund that would better help people looking for a job.

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So where are the jobs? Stuck in a #StackOfBills in Harry Reid’s office and stalled with a  White House more focused on political tactics. Let’s put politics aside and start doing what will help the American people.