Speaker Pelosi Under Fire

Yesterday, Representative Ocasio-Cortez said what every single Democrat understands, but is too cowardly to admit…Speaker Pelosi needs to go:

QUESTION“Isn’t this grounds though to take a stand and say, I’m sorry, Nancy Pelosi should not be the Speaker and Chuck Schumer should not be the leader?”

REP: OCASIO-CORTEZ“I do think that we need new leadership in the Democratic Party.”

That fact is undeniably true. Especially after the last year where the country has seen Speaker Pelosi play politics with COVID relief, refuse to take any action to counter China’s aggression, orchestrate the first-ever partisan impeachment in history, embrace a dangerous socialist agenda, and much more, it’s clear that she is the wrong person to be Speaker of the House.

However, every single House Democrat continues to enable her.

Democrats extremely narrow majority for the 117th Congress is at the point where if just two or three of their members said they were opposed to Nancy Pelosi serving as Speaker, she would not have the votes that she needs. That’s because in addition to losing 12 seats this past election cycle, two of her members have already been selected by Joe Biden to potentially serve in his Administration. The Speaker made news yesterday by saying that she supports Biden taking another Democrat out of the House, and this generated headlines because her margin to get the votes needed to become Speaker was already razor-thin, and it will only get narrower if Biden opts to select any more House Democrats to join his team.

  • Politico: “Pelosi backs Haaland for Interior despite slim majority”

Given this situation, every single House Democrat will be put on the record and quite possibly could be the deciding vote to make her Speaker. They will all be forced to choose if they will do what is right for the country and stop her from holding the Speaker’s gavel again, or if they will fall in-line and empower her failed leadership once again.