Speaker Pelosi Shows Again Why She Can’t Be Trusted

Speaker Pelosi and White House Chief of Staff spoke yesterday about potential legislation in response to COVID-19 and the Speaker again refused to work towards bipartisan compromise. Instead of coming to the table on common sense measures that both sides agree on, the Speaker is demanding that Congress adopt her partisan wishlist that’s full of proposals that have nothing to do with fighting the virus. It’s disgraceful that she is still putting her party’s far-left political priorities before doing the right thing for the country and passing legislation that includes broad agreement from both sides on things like aid for schools, relief for families, and resources for health care experts.

In addition to that, the Speaker said yesterday that she does not think Joe Biden should debate President Trump:

This deeply irresponsible statement received immediate and widespread condemnation since it represents an effort by the Speaker to prevent the American people from making informed decisions about the differences between the candidates. For more on her reckless comments, see below from The Wall Street Journal: