Speaker Pelosi Refuses To Say “Yes” To COVID-19 Relief & Will Not Do Anything To Help Small Businesses

Speaker Pelosi continues to be unserious about passing a bipartisan COVID-19 relief deal, making clear this weekend that she will say no to any proposal that does not include her partisan wishlist items.

At the same time, her party is still refusing to take action to help employees whose jobs may be in jeopardy and small businesses that need additional assistance through the Paycheck Protection Program. Yesterday, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin sent a letter to members of the Congress urging both the House and Senate to, “immediately vote on a bill to allow us to spend the unused Paycheck Protection Program funds while we continue to work toward a comprehensive package”:

As a reminder, Republicans have tried a number of ways to pass legislation that would allow the ~$135B in unspent PPP funds to be repurposed so it can help small businesses. On three separate occasions, Democrats have obstructed Republican efforts to bring up Rep. Steve Chabot’s legislation (H.R. 8265) that would extend this program by rejecting the previous question four times, choosing not to sign a discharge petition for the bill, and blocking 35 separate unanimous consent requests that would have brought the bill to the floor:

  • On September 25, Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler formally offered a petition to discharge this bill to the floor for a vote. To date, no Democrats have signed it.  
  • On October 1, 35 House Republicans made individual unanimous consent requests to bring this legislation to the floor. The Democrat majority rejected each one of those requests. 

The fact that Democrats are using assistance for small businesses and employees as leverage to extract their far-left demands shows that they are content putting their political agenda before the best interest of the American people. They cannot be trusted to govern responsibly and their refusal to immediately pass commonsense legislation that would allow unspent PPP funds to help workers is proof of that.