Speaker Pelosi Refuses To Adopt COVID Strategy For Congress

Despite the news of the President’s positive test, the fact that three Senators have tested positive in recent days and the announcement that the Senate will recess until October 19th, Speaker Pelosi still refuses to adopt a widespread testing system for members, aides, journalists, and hundreds of other workers who are in the Capitol on a daily basis.

In an interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” yesterday, the Speaker was pressed about why she refuses to implement a broader testing regime in Congress, but suggested that she was content with the current system.

Members of both parties and reporters who work daily in the Capitol have been vocal about the need for increased testing capabilities in Congress, but the Speaker still refuses to take action.

  • Fox News: “Trump diagnosis renews calls for Capitol Hill coronavirus testing”
  • The Hill: “Calls for COVID-19 tests at Capitol grow after Trump tests positive”
  • NPR: “Positive Tests Highlight Lack Of Broad Coronavirus Testing Plan For Congress”

See the below info from Republicans on the House Administration Committee detailing how the Speaker has been asked repeatedly to make changes to expand the House’s testing capability, but has done nothing:


Since May, Republicans has been pushing Speaker Pelosi for a plan, which includes some level of testing, to protect staff, press, and members while on Capitol Hill. Unfortunately, these calls have gone unanswered for months.

May 4: Republicans put forth a detailed plan to reopen the House, which includes a testing and health monitoring plan. CLICK HERE to read the plan.

May 14: House Administration Minority Committee staff sends memo to Majority Committee staff urging action on many items still needed to reopen the House, including testing options. CLICK HERE for the memo.

May 18: House Administration Committee Ranking Member Davis urges Speaker Pelosi to explore testing and health monitoring options for the House. CLICK HERE to view the letter.

June 12: Republicans on the House Administration Committee write Speaker Pelosi again about safely reopening the House, including testing options for essential workers and members. CLICK HERE to view the letter.

June 25: Ranking Member Davis publicly calls for Speaker Pelosi to implement a widespread testing plan to protect essential House workers. CLICK HERE for the interview with NPR.

September 14: As the House returns for another session week, Ranking Member Davis outlines its shortcoming at protecting essential workers in a letter to Chairperson Zoe Lofgren. CLICK HERE for the letter.