Speaker Pelosi Is The Sole Reason Why The Country Didn’t Have A COVID Deal Months Ago

Reports and comments from top congressional leaders indicate that Democrats are finally serious about dropping their absurd, partisan demands and are focused on actually making an agreement on commonsense COVID-19 relief that will help the American people.

It’s about time.

As conversations continue and a deal hopefully comes together, it’s important to remind the American people that there could have been an agreement made months ago had Speaker Pelosi been serious about these negotiations from the start.

Instead of working in good-faith to make a deal on things that both parties agreed was needed, she prevented an agreement from coming together by holding key relief hostage in exchange for her ridiculous and unrealistic partisan wishlist. She first demanded $3.4T in spending, then $2.2T, knowing full well that those proposals had no chance of becoming law.

She even admitted earlier this month that she refused to make a deal previously because it would be bad for her party politically, even though it would have helped the American people. Along those same lines, she and her party blocked more than 40 attempts from House Republicans to provide critical relief for small businesses, because Democrats thought it was more important to hang on to leverage in negotiations than it was to help workers and families that needed assistance.

Hopefully, they are serious about – finally – not playing politics and working constructively to help the American people, which has been Republicans’ top focus from day one. If that’s the case, it’s still important to remind the country how reckless and irresponsible Democrats were to put their political priorities before the nation’s best interest in the face of an unprecedented pandemic, and why their behavior over the course of this debate has proven without question that they cannot be trusted to govern responsibly.