Speaker Pelosi Is Solely Responsible For The American People Not Receiving COVID-19 Relief

Yesterday, President Trump announced that because of Speaker Pelosi’s ridiculous demands and unwillingness to make a reasonable deal for the American people, his Administration would not be negotiating with her until after the election:

The Speaker has repeatedly shown that she is not interested in making a deal and would not negotiate in good faith. Consistently, she put her political agenda before the country’s best interest, proposing absurd legislation that included far-left demands and had no chance of passing, instead of working on a commonsense proposal that would address the challenges facing the American people without her wishlist items.

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board explained why the Speaker’s cynical negotiating tactics were part of a “political ransom demand” made by her and her supporters that ultimately prevented any deal from coming together:

  • The Wall Street Journal (Editorial): “Pelosi’s Taxpayer Ransom Demand”
    • “President Trump decided Tuesday to walk away from talks on another coronavirus spending blowout until after the election, and that’s the best decision for the economy and taxpayers. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats refused to accept anything below $2 trillion, and their political ransom demand is what blew up the deal. Mrs. Pelosi’s calculation is pure political cynicism. Either Mr. Trump agreed to her terms, or she’d blame him for the failure and use it as an election issue. She didn’t want to risk giving Mr. Trump even half-credit for a relief bill before the election. She knows the media will spin it her way, and if Joe Biden wins in November she’ll be able to write an ever bigger spending bill disguised as ‘stimulus’ next year.”
    • “The relief debate now moves to the election campaign, and Republicans should educate voters about Mrs. Pelosi’s political extortion play. Her swing-district Members, many of them freshmen, will now return to their districts with nothing to boast about. They’re merely cogs in the Pelosi machine, and voters should know the real reason the relief talks failed.”

Following President Trump’s announcement, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell joined Fox News and highlighted how the Speaker’s behavior throughout these negotiations proved that she did not want to get a deal done:

LEADER McCONNELL“Well, this is been going on for two months. We reengaged in July. The Speaker never made a reasonable offer. I put on the Senate floor – a lot of people forget it – a proposal to deal with kids in school, small businesses, and health care. We couldn’t get a single Democrat to even take it up. I think it’s clear, Martha, they didn’t want to get a deal this soon. We will reengage after the election, as the President said. I think we do need another rescue package, but because of the impending election we simply weren’t able to get together.”

In a clear recognition that Speaker Pelosi cares more about politics than the country’s best interest, she even claimed repeatedly that no legislation would be better than passing something that both parties agree on:

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows echoed the absurdity of the Speaker’s argument on “Fox & Friends” this morning, pointing out that she would rather spend $0 than spend $1.6 trillion to help the American people, which proves that she is not negotiating in good faith. Her all-or-nothing approach is preventing key relief from passing and is another example why she cannot be trusted to govern responsibly because she will put her political considerations before doing the right thing for the country.