Speaker Pelosi Is Not Serious About Providing COVID-19 Relief For The American People

In the latest sign showing that Speaker Pelosi would rather use the suffering of the American people for her political purposes, she is not even willing to meet with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to try and negotiate a bipartisan COVID-19 relief deal:

The Speaker has never been serious about working in a good-faith manner to provide commonsense COVID-19 relief assistance to the American people. That is why she has proposed legislation that amounts to a partisan wishlist and includes things that have nothing to do with responding to coronavirus, instead of working across the aisle on legislation that can actually pass and help the country continue its recovery.

While she won’t meet with Secretary Mnuchin face-to-face, purportedly because of health concerns, she still inexplicably has failed to implement a broad testing regimen for members, staff and all who work in the Capitol. Since reclaiming the gavel at the beginning of this Congress, she has repeatedly failed the American people and her decision to continue to put herself and her political interests before doing what’s best for the country in the midst of this pandemic is another glaring example of that.