Speaker Pelosi Decided To Impeach In 48 Hours. She Still Won’t Advance USMCA

For months, Republicans have been pushing for Speaker Pelosi to bring USMCA to the House floor for a vote. This trade deal, which was agreed to by the three nations just over a year ago, would be a boon for the country:

  • 176,000 new jobs
  • $68 billion boost in GDP

But instead of moving expeditiously to approve this trade deal, Speaker Pelosi has delayed it in an attempt to deny the President a victory, despite the obvious benefits it would provide for the country.

  • Politico: “USMCA frustrations grow among House Democrats excluded from Trump Talks”

Meanwhile, she’s now trying to feign that her party has a legislative agenda and mentioned her interest in advancing USMCA during an impeachment press conference today.

The Speaker doesn’t have a legislative agenda because she is focused on undoing the results of the 2016 election instead of solving problems. If they really wanted to help the American people, she would have brought this agreement to the floor months ago. But for her, playing politics is more important than doing something that would help the country.