Speaker Pelosi Continues To Hold Critical Relief Hostage

At a press conference yesterday, Speaker Pelosi ruled out passing COVID-19 relief legislation in targeted areas where there is bipartisan agreement that assistance is needed, saying she would not bring that legislation to the floor unless it is part of a bigger bill that includes her far-left priorities:

  • Axios: “Pelosi rules out standalone airline bill without comprehensive relief package”

Over the last five months, the Speaker has refused to operate in good-faith and has held commonsense relief that both parties agree the country needs hostage to her political demands.

Congress could pass bipartisan legislation tomorrow that provides payroll support to protect jobs for air carrier workers (H.R. 8345), and could also pass a bill extending the Paycheck Protection Program in a way that would support small businesses and employees whose jobs are in jeopardy (H.R. 8265). House Republicans even have a discharge petition for the bill to extend the PPP that House Democrats could sign which would circumvent Speaker Pelosi’s authority and bring the bill to the floor for immediate consideration. On three separate occasions, Democrats have obstructed Republican efforts to bring this legislation up by rejecting the previous question four times, choosing not to sign a discharge petition for the bill, and blocking 35 separate unanimous consent requests that would have brought the bill to the floor:

  • On September 25, Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler formally offered a petition to discharge this bill to the floor for a vote. To date, no Democrats have signed it.  
  • On October 1, 35 House Republicans made individual unanimous consent requests to bring this legislation to the floor. The Democrat majority rejected each one of those requests. 

It’s clear this is about political posturing on the part of Speaker Pelosi, and she refuses to check her partisan interests at the door and work in a good faith manner to pass reasonable legislation that would provide critical assistance to the American people.