Speaker Pelosi Accidentally Tells The Truth

After spending all of last week focused on bills that would legalize marijuana and protect exotic animals instead of working to help Americans by providing common sense relief, Speaker Pelosi admitted what Americans have long known during her press conference on Friday: that she has chosen to deliberately block common sense COVID legislation for months solely for political reasons:

  • The Federalist: “Nancy Pelosi Let Millions Suffer To Win An Election”

Republicans have long known that this was her primary motive, but it was still jarring to hear her acknowledge it out loud. Her comments are proof that all the small businesses that needed relief weeks ago or families that could have used congressional action should hold her responsible for not allowing that to happen.

For months, she stood in the way of targeted relief and blocked efforts to extend the Paycheck Protection Program because she thought it was more important to enhance Democrats’ position politically than help the American people in the middle of an unprecedented crisis. She and all Democrats who enabled her behavior abdicated their responsibility to the people they purport to serve at a time when the country needed them the most, and it shows why her party cannot be trusted to govern responsibly.