Sondland Testifies That The Aid Was Released Without Any Ukrainian Investigations Being Announced

STEVE CASTOR: There was no mention of Vice President Biden in the wardroom?

AMB. SONDLAND: Not that I remember, no.

CASTOR: Or any specific investigation?

AMB. SONDLAND: Just the generic investigations.

CASTOR: When, again, did the Vice President Biden nexus come to your attention?

AMB. SONDLAND: Very late. Again, I can’t recall the exact date the light bulb went on. It could have been as late as once the transcript was out, but it was always Burisma to me and I didn’t know about the connection between Burisma and Biden.

CASTOR: To the best of your knowledge, you never understood that anyone was asking Ukrainians to investigate U.S. persons, correct?

AMB. SONDLAND: Ukrainians to investigate U.S. persons? 

CASTOR: Right.


CASTOR: Okay. Just to be clear here, ultimately the aid was lifted on September 11th. There was never any announcement by the Ukrainians about any investigations they were going to do, correct?


CASTOR: The Ukrainians never, to your knowledge, started any of these investigations, correct?

AMB. SONDLAND: Not to my knowledge.

CASTOR: And, consequently, these allegations that there was a quid pro quo that had to be enforced before the aid was released, that never came to fruition, right?

AMB. SONDLAND: I don’t believe so.