Sondland Makes Clear That No One Told Him Directly The Aid Was Tied To Anything

DANIEL GOLDMAN: And you know that at that bilateral meeting with President Zelensky, I believe you testified earlier, that Vice President Pence did not mention these investigations at all, right?

AMB. SONDLAND: I don’t recall him mentioning the investigations.

GOLDMAN: So, your testimony is simply in a pre-meeting with a group of Americans before the bilateral meeting, you reference the fact that Ukraine needed to do these investigations in order to lift the aid. Is that correct?

AMB. SONDLAND: I think I referenced. I didn’t say Ukraine had to do the investigations. I think I said that we heard from Mr. Giuliani that that was the case.

GOLDMAN: So, that helped inform your presumption, correct?


GOLDMAN: So, it wasn’t really a presumption, you heard from Mr. Giuliani.

AMB. SONDLAND: Well, I didn’t hear from Mr. Giuliani about the aid. I heard about the Burisma and 2016.

GOLDMAN: And you understood at that point, as we discussed, two plus two equals four, the aid was there as well.

AMB. SONDLAND: That’s the problem, Mr. Goldman. No one told me directly the aid was tied to anything. I was presuming it was.