Solutions for higher prices? House Republicans have quite a few to choose from.

If you feel like you’re spending more on groceries, gasoline, utilities, and healthcare – you’re not alone.


Over half of Americans say they’re spending more on everyday costs. Fifty-nine percent report spending more on groceries, 58% report spending more on gasoline, and 45% report spending more on utilities. And not to mention health care costs which – despite President Obama’s promises – have risen for 42% of Americans – and unfortunately, are expected to rise even more.

These everyday prices are taking a heavy toll on Americans. They’re finding less money in their pocket and are increasingly unable to spend money on what they want – either for present items or plans for the future.

House Republicans understand the importance of a healthy economy – and know our current system is not working. The equation is easy. Increased American production + decreased regulation = lower costs for American families and individuals.

This solution has been turned into dozens of bills – many of which have been brought to the House floor, passed with bipartisan support, and now await action from Senate Democrats and President Obama. We’ve done the work, and all they have to do is act.

To make grocery store trips easier: We’ve passed the Save American Workers Act that will increase wages by restoring a 40-hour work week, and bills that will decrease regulations to help make the cost of items like groceries or cleaning supplies less expensive.

To lower costs at the pump: Construction on the Keystone XL pipeline would not only make energy prices cheaper at home, but would also decrease our reliance on oil and gas abroad. We’ve also passed bills that would cut red tape which makes energy production more expensive.

To make utilities cost less – and bills easier to pay: We have passed the Domestic Prosperity and Global Freedom Act (H.R. 6) to increase natural gas production (which powers over half of American homes) and lower costs for home utilities across the country.

President Obama and Harry Reid could take their pick.  All of these bills have the potential to change American lives and help them take home more of their paycheck each month. Americans are growing tired of watching costs rise as their wallets simultaneously shrink.

House Republicans will continue to work to make life easier for them and their families. Americans have made it clear – higher prices are taking their toll. As a country for the people and by the people, Senate Democrats and the Administration have a duty to act as well.