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Republicans are Protecting the Middle Class

Rep. Kevin Brady • April 16, 2015

H.R. 622, The State and Local Sales Tax Deduction Fairness Act, which makes the state and local sales tax deduction permanent, will bring much-needed tax fairness and certainty for hardworking taxpayers in states without a state income tax. It will put more of the hard-earned money back into the pockets of people in states like …

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House Republicans Take on the IRS

Rep. Peter Roskam • April 15, 2015

April 15 has always been a stressful day for Americans as the deadline closes file their yearly taxes with the federal government. Yet in recent years, Tax Day has taken on a whole new significant as an out-of-control IRS has abused its power to go after Americans for their personal and political beliefs. In 2012, …

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A Balanced Budget for a Stronger America (in GIFs)

Jared Powell • March 17, 2015

Today the House Budget Committee released “A Balanced Budget for a Stronger America.”  It’s a plan to rein in Washington’s reckless spending, promote a healthy economy, protect our nation, and save and strengthen vital programs like Medicare for today’s seniors and tomorrow’s retirees. Here’s how we do it: Our proposal balances the budget in 10 years without raising …

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Balancing Our Budget For American Families

Communications • March 17, 2015

“It’s time for the federal government to tighten its budget so American families aren’t forced to tighten theirs.” Click to Watch Republican Leadership Press Conference March 17, 2015 Participants: Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) Conference Vice Chair Lynn Jenkins (R-KS) Rep. …

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Google Hangout: Budget Chairman Tom Price

Jared Powell • March 17, 2015

Earlier today, House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price and Rep. Rob Woodall discussed ‘A Balanced Budget for a Stronger America‘ — the FY2016 House Budget. Watch below: For more info, visit 

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Points of View

Communications • March 11, 2015

This week, House Republicans set their sights on solutions — solutions to cut the red tape strangling small businesses, alternatives to the President’s broken health care law, and ensuring American families are safe and secure at home and abroad. Read and watch below for this week’s Points of View! Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA) “Denham Discusses Netanyahu’s Address” Telemundo, Enfoque …

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This Week in 5 Videos

Jared Powell • March 6, 2015

The Israeli Prime Minister’s joint meeting of Congress – among many other things – made this an historic week on Capitol Hill. The House advanced VA reform; the Supreme Court began oral arguments on King v. Burwell; and the American people are anxiously awaiting the release of Hillary Clinton’s not-so-private emails. Here are 5 videos …

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Live Long and Prosper – Unless You’re a Small Business

Small Business Committee • March 3, 2015

The famous words of the late Leonard Nimoy’s space adventurer Spock speak to the goals – but not necessarily the reality – of today’s small businesses. We all want small businesses to live long and prosper – that means jobs. It means vibrant communities. It means the ladder of opportunity is within reach for more Americans. …

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Jared Powell • February 26, 2015

During his first six years in office, President Obama vetoed a total of two bills that  reached his desk. But his veto today of the job-creating Keystone XL Pipeline project is a discouraging sign that things are about to change. By saying no to Keystone, the New York Times reports, “Mr. Obama will be opening the …

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McMorris Rodgers: The President Has Said ‘No’ to the American People

Communications • February 24, 2015

“American families have asked for solutions – and while we found a ‘yes,’ the President has just said ‘no.” WASHINGTON D.C. – House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) released the following statement today after President Obama vetoed the bipartisan legislation to build the Keystone XL Pipeline. “Time and time again, we have said …

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