So Much For Unity

The first twelve days of the Biden Administration have been defined by broken promises. After telling the American people that he wanted to work with members of both parties to unify the country, he instead opted to govern unilaterally by taking 42 executive actions and signing 25 executive orders in less than two weeks. These orders are far from commonsense or bipartisan, and in some cases they will result in devastating job losses and pain for families.

On energy, his decision to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline will eliminate thousands of jobs and undermine our national security interests, while his executive order banning oil and gas leasing and permitting on federal lands will also destroy jobs and prevent states from accessing important revenue:

Instead of defending the sanctity of life, the Biden Administration reversed the Mexico City policy allowing U.S. foreign aid to promote abortion in other countries and is threatening to now repeal the Hyde Amendment that prevents taxpayer money from funding abortions:

Now, it appears President Biden and congressional Democrats are prepared to take this approach to the next level by ramming through a massive stimulus bill with only Democratic support:

Not only would their proposed legislation include disastrous policy – like a minimum wage hike that would destroy at least 1.3 million jobs according to the CBO – but passing a mammoth bill without negotiating with Republicans or receiving buy-in from the other side would set a dangerous precedent for the future of the Biden Administration.

  • WSJ (Editorial): “Biden’s Covid Spending Choice”
      • “Americans are about to learn whether President Biden means what he has said so often about governing in a bipartisan fashion. The test is whether he negotiates with Senate Republicans over his $1.9 trillion Covid spending bill, or jams it through using a budget maneuver that requires only 50 votes plus Vice President Kamala Harris.”
      • “Using reconciliation instead to pass $1.9 trillion on a partisan vote will signal that the Democratic goal is to pick off one or two Republicans as political window dressing, not for any serious policy compromise. That means a return to the Barack Obama-Nancy Pelosi method of jam-it-through, one-party government. Mr. Biden’s choice will set the tone for the rest of his Presidency.”

In just twelve days, they have gone from preaching unity and talking about the importance of acting together to pursuing a partisan approach that will only further divide the nation.