Snapshot: Rep. Adam Kinzinger on Fighting Poverty

We only see a snapshot of people’s lives. In today’s closer look, Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s (R-IL) shares the story of his unique upbringing, which included spending time volunteering at his father’s homeless shelter.

“He understood that it wasn’t just about giving people food, it wasn’t just about giving them a place to stay, but that there were people who didn’t believe in themselves any more,” Kinzinger says of his father’s outlook. “And the mission took them in and said ‘look we don’t want to just want to give you a place to stay, we want to give you a purpose, we want to give you a way out of your environment.’ Basically we wanted to transform people’s lives.”

“I think that it’s through conservative Republican philosophies that you can take people that may be down on their luck and bring them to a position where they can be exactly what they were intended to be, what they were meant to be, to achieve their full God-given potential.”

House Republicans believe in providing opportunities that enable people to move up the ladder of success and break free from the cycle of poverty. So we’ve included a plan to fight poverty in our Better Way agenda, an agenda that will take America down a different path.


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