Small Business, Regulations, and Super Bowl 49

Whether you’re a Seahawk still soured by the near victory, a Patriot glowing in the aftermath of the big win, or a loyalist to some other team scheming about next season, there is one thing football fans of all stripes should cheer for – our small businesses.

Like the Brady-Belichick relationship, American families and small business go hand-in-hand. They make each other better. When Main Street wins, American families win.


And small businesses churn out some big stats. For example, did you know they employ 1 of every 2 working Americans? And they represent new opportunities, creating 7 out every ten new jobs.

That’s why regulations are such a big deal. As shocking as it may sound, they cost our small businesses $11,000 per employee each year.


I know it’s shocking, Tom.

What’s worse is that the federal government is required by law to think about small businesses and determine the impact of new rules, but more often than not, agencies skip this good government approach out of convenience.

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I know, Tom, it’s pretty sad. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that this week the House will act in bipartisan fashion to right this wrong.

H.R. 527, the Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act, is a bill that would modernize our rule-writing process to make sure that government is working with small businesses to better understand the impact of new rules.

Like A defense making a good read on the ball, government should see when a rule is going to be bad for small businesses and working families.

Russell Wilson

This common sense bill closes loopholes that allow federal agencies to skirt current law, and it saves American workers and small businesses time, money, and probably a few gray hairs, which is a great thing.

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It is exactly the type of solution that the American people want their elected officials to be producing, and I’m proud that America’s New Congress is moving this bipartisan, good-government solution forward.

H.R. 527 is a win for our small businesses and a win for the American people.


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