SIX TIMES: House Ds Lose Another MTR Vote

House Democratic leadership has proven that they cannot keep their members in line when it comes to motions-to-recommit offered by Republicans.

After their first couple of losses, Nancy Pelosi and AOC warned their members to stop voting with Republicans. They even flirted with the idea of taking away the minority’s right to offer a motion-to-recommit after being embarassed time after time. Then at the beginning of this year, they sought to avoid embarrassment all together and shielded themselves by inserting controversial legislation into Senate passed bills.

The fact of the matter is, House Democrats still have no strategy when it comes to countering MTRs from House Republicans. They’ve now lost not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but SIX MTRs since taking the majority, which is six more MTRs lost than Republicans did when they held the majority.

The sixth loss for them came on today’s MTR, which amended the Rights for Transportation Security Officers Act to ensure the TSA Secretary could not hire individuals who have been convicted of a sex crime, an offense involving a minor, a crime of violence, or terrorism.

Republican MTRs are common sense amendments, but House Democrats have chosen to only vote six times to vote with Republicans. Their votes in favor of those six indicate that these are legitimate policy proposals, and cannot be dismissed as merely procedural measures. While they have voted for some Republican-offered amendments, here are some of the commonsense MTRs they have opposed:

  • The Washington Free Beacon: “House Dems defeat Born Alive amendment”
  • Breitbart: “Democrats block motion to ban illegal aliens from working with labor unions”
  • The Texan: “House Democrats grant citizenship to illegal aliens, reject motion for deporting those with gang affiliations”
  • The Times of Israel: “Democrats reject Republican anti-BDS maneuver in bill opposing war in Yemen”
  • The Daily Wire: “Democrat House votes in favor of illegal immigrant voting, report says”

Bottom Line: While it’s embarrassing that Speaker Pelosi can’t keep her caucus together on these votes, it’s telling that some Democrats vote in favor of these some of the time, but refuse to vote for them in other instances.

They owe an explanation to their constituents about why they continue to side with their socialist base and oppose amendments like the ones detailed above.