Sinclair’s James Rosen Reports On Chairman Schiff’s Connections To The Whistleblower

JAMES ROSEN: On the CBS News program “60 Minutes,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi acknowledged that she knew the contents of the Trump-Zelensky phone call before the NSC transcript of it was released.

SCOTT PELLEY: He told you about the phone call?

SPEAKER PELOSI: He told me it was perfect, there was nothing in the call. But I knew what was in the call–I mean, it was in the public domain.

ROSEN: ‘This is starting to seem like a political setup,’ tweeted Liz Cheney, the No. 3 House Republican. Echoing the Watergate Hearings, ‘So Madame Speaker, ‘what did you know and when did you know it?’

REP. SCHIFFWe haven’t set a timetable except that we want to do it as urgently as possible. 

ROSEN: House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff has said he was first notified of a complaint by an intelligence community whistleblower on September 9, but was not informed of it’s substance. However, that same day, Schiff announced hearings on Trump attorney Rudi Guiliani and his dealings with Ukraine — both prominent in the whistleblower complaint. Devin Nunes, the panel’s top ranking Republican called the Trump-Ukraine scandal ‘an information warfare operation against the president.’

REP. NUNES: And the Democrats, their media mouthpieces, and a cabal of leakers are ginning up a fake story with no regard to the monumental damage they’re causing to our public institutions and to trust in government.

ROSEN: Republicans, most notably the President, are eager to learn the whistleblowers identity and motivations. Experts in this area of the law say that would be regrettable.  

LEGAL EXPERT: Once the whistleblower has laid out the facts and there are facts there that can be independently investigated, their motivation doesn’t matter.

ROSEN: On Friday, the official who first received the whistleblower complaint and who deemed it urgent and credible, Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson, will testify before Congress. On Capitol Hill, James Rosen.