House Administration Chair Harper: Sexual harassment cannot be tolerated

Committee on House Administration Chair Gregg Harper (R-MS) joined this morning’s House Republican Leadership press conference to share the work his committee has done to address and prevent discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace. Chair Harper also touched briefly on the progress of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, the House’s recently-passed legislation for pro-family, pro-growth tax reform.

Key excerpts from Chair Harper’s remarks:

“We have the great opportunity to soon go to conference on a great tax reform package. But in the meantime, [sexual harassment and workplace discrimination] is something that has to be resolved — it has to work out. If there’s one claim of sexual harassment, that is one too many and this cannot be tolerated.

“As you know, we had our first hearing on November 14, where we dealt in a bipartisan way on how to go forward on this issue. Today, we will have a resolution vote…this resolution will require educating members and staff and will also cover interns paid or unpaid, and fellows, to be aware of what’s appropriate behavior. It seems like a given, but this is something that sometimes you have to be educated and raise awareness to know that this cannot be tolerated in the future and to know that the House of Representatives is a great institution and the highest honor that any of the members have had in their lives is to serve here…

“We will also begin, and have been, reviewing the Congressional Accountability Act. We will have a hearing on that on December 7…this begins at the top with the member having the responsibility that they set the tone for their office along with their Chief all the way down to an intern. This is something that we can do and we will do. We’ll get this right.”