Sekulow: “How Much Time” Have Dems Wasted On Impeachment

JAY SEKULOW: But to have a removal of a duly-elected President based on a policy disagreement, that is not what the Framers intended. And if you lower the bar that way, danger, danger, danger. Because the next President, or the one after that, he or she will be held to that same standard? I hope not. I pray not, that that’s not what happens. Not just for the sake of my client, but for the Constitution. You know, Professor Dershowitz gave a list of presidents from Washington to where we are today who under that standard, that they are proposing, could be subject to abuse of power or obstruction of Congress. Look, we know that what this is is not about a president pausing aid to Ukraine, it’s really not about a phone call. It’s about a lot of attempts on policy disagreements that are not being debated here. My goodness, how much time? How much time has been spent in the House of Representatives?