Sekulow: Dems’ Impeachment Is “Taking The Vote Away From The American People”

JAY SEKULOW: There are some in this room that are days away from the Iowa caucuses taking place. So we’re discussing the possible impeachment and removal of the President of the United States not only during election season, in the heart of the election season. And I think that this does a disservice to the American people. Again, we think the basis upon which this has moved forward is irregular, to say the least. But I do think it complicates the matter for the American people that we are literally at the dawn of a new season of elections—I mean, we’re at that season now. Yet, we’re talking about impeaching a president. And I want to tie this into the urgency that was so prevalent in December with my colleagues, the managers. It was so urgent to move this forward that they had to do it by mid-December, before Christmas because national security was at stake. And then they waited 33 days to bring it here. And now they’re asking you to do all of the investigation, although they say they’ve proved their case, but still need more to prove it. Of course we believe, and I want to be clear here, that their entire process was corrupt from the beginning and they’re just putting it on this body. But to do it while the American people are selecting candidates for nomination to be the head of their party, to run as President of the United States—some of you in this very room—and to talk about the removal of a President of the United States, I think that’s all part and parcel of the same pattern and practice of irregularities that have taken place with this impeachment proceeding since the beginning. The Speaker allowed the articles to linger. It was such a nationally urgent matter that they could linger for a month. So we think that this points to the exact problem that’s taking place here and that is, as my colleague, Mr. Cipollone, has said, this is really taking the vote away from the American people.