Sekulow: Democrats “Violated Our Constitutional Order, Illegally Abused Their Power Of Impeachment”

JAY SEKULOW: For the sake of the Constitution, for the sake of the office of the President this body must stand as a steady bulwark against this reckless and dangerous proposition. It doesn’t just affect this President, it affects every man or woman who occupies that high office. So, as we said with the first article of impeachment, we believe the second article of impeachment is invalid, it should also be rejected. In passing the first article of impeachment, the House attempted to usurp the President’s constitutional power to determine policy, especially foreign policy. In passing the second article of impeachment, the House attempted to control the constitutional privileges and immunities of the executive branch. All of this while simultaneously disrespecting the framers’ system of checks and balances, which designates the judicial branch as the arbiter of inter-branch disputes. By approving both articles, the House of Representatives violated our constitutional order, illegally abused their power of impeachment in order to obstruct the President’s ability to faithfully execute the duties of his office. These articles fail on their face as they do not meet the constitutional standard for impeachable offenses. No amount of testimony could change that fact.