Russia Tests Biden By Amassing Troops At The Ukrainian Border

In recent days, Russia has continued to amass troops at the Ukrainian border in an effort to test if President Biden has the will to take on Vladimir Putin.

This growing buildup has caused Ukraine to push for NATO to hasten its membership to the alliance and obviously is raising other concerns about Russian aggression overall. So far, President Biden has refused to take any action to quell Putin’s belligerence, giving Russia the runway they crave to exert their sphere of influence further across Europe.

The increased presence of Russian troops along the Ukrainian border comes as the health of Alexei Navalny has worsened and he has tested positive for COVID-19. Navalny, a critic of Putin and the Kremlin, survived poisoning from a nerve agent in August in a likely assassination attempt ordered by the Russian autocrat. After recovering from the attack in Germany, he was arrested and imprisoned immediately after returning to Russia.

Putin’s military mobilization and his treatment of Navalny both demonstrate his commitment to opposing freedom and trying to strengthen his country’s totalitarian agenda. Countering that and standing up for American interests requires strong leadership from the White House, but President Biden has yet to take any action to counter or take on Putin’s aggression.