Running Back The Green New Deal Rollout

House Democrats have not had a lot of success when they work w/ far-left groups to release vague summaries about legislation they support (see: Green New Deal, Sunrise Movement, farting cows). Apparently, they haven’t learned their lesson…

Yesterday, while Rep. Ilhan Omar was talking about dismantling the entire political system, Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley were partnering with “The Movement For Black Lives” as they unveiled “The Breathe Act.” A summary of The Breathe Act shows that – like the Green New Deal – it is full of radical ideas that are way outside the mainstream. Those include:

  • Defunding the police
  • Closing all federal prisons
  • Reducing the Defense budget dramatically
  • Abolishing ICE, the CBP, and the DEA
  • Repealing federal laws that criminalize border entry
  • Instituting reparations for “victims of mass criminalization,” including prostitution
  • Abolishing gang databases
  • Eliminating basic school safety measures like SROs
  • Calling for billions in new federal spending and scores of new federal programs

And that’s just the start.

In the immediate aftermath of the rollout of the Green New Deal, Democrats raced to distance themselves from it and it didn’t receive support from a single U.S. Senator when it came up for a vote. Since then, though, leading party figures have embraced it, with former Vice President Joe Biden encouraging Congress to pass it in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and almost all House Democrats voting last week in support of a far-left highway bill that the T&I Chairman admitted applied “the principles of the Green New Deal.”

So, where are their members on The Breathe Act? Are they ready to endorse it now or will they wait to support it later? Either way, this is the direction their party is headed.