Why don’t Dems want Joe to be able to afford groceries?

Thanks to tax reform Joe’s family in Ellettsville, Indiana, has an additional $200 in their income each month. “For our family, that really helps us out,” writes Joe. “That is groceries for a week.”

Not a single Democrat voted to make that possible for Joe and his family.

In fact, they’re at it again, calling these sorts of benefits “crumbs” and saying they’d take that money away from Joe and millions like him if given the opportunity. What else could you expect from elitists?

House Republicans know that money is best kept in your pocket, not D.C.’s, and that’s why we promised and delivered on pro-growth, pro-family tax reform.

And now, thanks to our work, 90 percent of Americans are getting a tax cut — that’s more money to pay bills, buy groceries, spend on a family vacation, or save for a rainy day. For more on that, visit FairandSimple.gop.

Want more? Check out these stories House Republicans have been hearing at home:

Rep. Trey Hollingsworth (R-IN) in the News and Tribune: Tax reform for Hoosiers

The impacts of tax reform don’t stop at the door of one person or business. As investment in local and small businesses, manufacturing companies, and the shops that make up our main streets increases, more jobs are created, more innovations get to our homes, and more opportunity can be created right here in Indiana. This collective growth can truly have a life-changing impact, which is why supporting the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was not an action I took lightly. As I do with every piece of legislation that comes across my desk, I spent weeks ensuring that the bill would help Hoosier families, businesses, and futures.

These stories from our communities say it all: In Ellettsville, a family feels relief with a little more cash for groceries. In New Albany, someone can take a greater chance on their business. Because of lower taxes, Indiana is better off.

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Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-MO): A Tax Day to Celebrate

A local car dealer recently told me about customers who have been able to afford a new car because of their higher paychecks or bonuses thanks to tax reform. This was in the middle of winter when car sales traditionally slow down due to the cold, snowing weather. I also heard from a constituent who wrote me a letter to share how tax reform has affected her family. Due to the new law, their family keeps an extra $200 dollars a month. Although some in Washington, D.C. may call that “crumbs,” she explained that money pays for piano and swimming lessons for their six-year-old daughter each month.  That is real money, and it means very real things for families here in Missouri.

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Rep. Michael Burgess, M.D. (R-TX) in the Denton Record-Chronicle: Tax reform making real difference for all

The Texas-New Mexico Power Company, an electric service provider, is lowering its rate for some customers and has plans to reduce rates for more customers soon.

Businesses also are investing more resources back into their communities. Here in North Texas, Southwest Airlines donated $5 million to charity. With more jobs, fairer taxes and bigger paychecks, people across the country already are benefitting from this important law.

Although you may hear some of my fellow public servants calling these improvements “crumbs,” we know that tax reform is making a real difference to hardworking families – whether it’s making life easier for a single mom living paycheck to paycheck, helping a young family save for the future or giving local business owners an opportunity to grow.

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Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-NC) in The Robesonian: Tax cuts fuel economic boom

On Friday, Vice President Mike Pence joined me in Charlotte for an event highlighting the tremendous impact of tax reform.

The main takeaway from the event can be summarized in two sentences: Americans are seeing their paychecks grow, businesses are reinvesting in our communities, and folks in North Carolina and across the country are once again confident about the future. Thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, America’s economy is roaring back to life and hardworking Americans are winning again.

The event began with a panel discussion during which Sen. Thom Tillis, local business leader Dan DiMicco and I highlighted the ways in which North Carolinians are benefiting from tax reform.

We noted that numerous local businesses are creating new jobs, increasing wages and providing their employees with bonuses and expanded benefits. For example, right here in Charlotte, Charlotte Pipe and Foundry and Steelfab awarded $1,000 bonuses to all of its employees.

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Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL) in OA News: Tax reform will bring savings

These are not crumbs or spare change. These types of savings represent opportunity. They represent students paying off loans faster. They represent the ability to replace a much-needed appliance. They represent a family having the ability to go to out to dinner and enjoy a movie together.

Above all else, they represent an increase in many Americans’ quality of life.

Companies are taking full advantage of recent tax cuts as well. Since its passage, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has led to more businesses hiring employees and offering raises to their current staff.

Specifically, in Alabama’s Third District, we are seeing companies like Russell Lands – who provided each of their employees with a $500 bonus – and Southwire – who invested $9 million in their full-time and part-time employees through bonuses, expanded parental leave and strengthening STEM programs in the workplace – use their savings to reinvest in their business.

And that is exactly what this legislation was intended to do: cut taxes for working families and ultimately create jobs for those who are need of work.

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