Rep. Wenstrup talks tax reform, national security at House GOP Leadership Stakeout

This morning, Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-OH), a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, joined the weekly House Republican Leadership press conference to share his perspective on tax reform and the ongoing work we’re doing to keep our country safe and free.

Rep. Wenstrup’s remarks, as delivered:

“As far as the tax relief that we’ve brought to America, I’ve seen immediate results at home. Fifth Third Bank, in my district, located in Cincinnati, has now offered bonuses and increased wages. That’s happened immediately.

“While I was home…it was nice to be out and about and have so many people come up and say ‘thank you, thank you, for what you all did to help us out here at home.’

“It’s also an important week for us as far as national security goes. I’m pleased that our Intelligence Committee and Judiciary Committee have come together and found a way forward to proceed with our foreign intelligence process.

“The bill we have this week, the 702 bill, puts pressure on our enemies abroad and it keeps Americans safe here at home all the while protecting Americans’ right to privacy…I served in Iraq for a year and every day we received daily foreign intelligence reports that pertained to…our operations, the things we had going on around us. It guided us. It gave us our way forward to form our strategies, to prepare for what was coming ahead. And it led to our successes. It saved American lives. It’s important that we keep this going on behalf of American lives, not only abroad, but here at home.”