What tax reform means for Texas

Several members of the Texas delegation took to the House floor to share how the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act is improving lives across their home state. These Texans highlight the faces of tax reform — the workers, families, students, and small business owners who are benefitting from our work.

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“Texas is a big winner because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. It will create 81,000 new good paying jobs in our state alone….This historic tax reform is making a real difference for our families and for our workers.”

What I love are the stories. When I was in Home Depot the other day, on Sunday, we’re redoing our bathroom, and my wife was looking at samples. And a woman introduced herself, her name is Pam. She’s a small business person, redoes furniture, repaints and works at the Home Depot to make ends meet and she said, ‘Thank you. I get $184 more every paycheck. Maybe that couple thousand dollars each year doesn’t mean much in Washington, but for my family it really means a lot. Thank you for that.’”


“For five years, I have traveled up and down the 25th District of Texas – most recently, just last week where I visited many local businesses along the way. I have witnessed firsthand the hardships that families and small businesses face day in and day out due to an intrusive federal government, and overreaching Administration.

“I pledged to these people that I would bring my commonsense business perspective to Washington in order to jumpstart this economy, and I am proud to say that I upheld that promise. When I visited these folks last week there was something different about them.

For the first time in a long time, I had business owners and their employees telling me about the positive impacts coming from our nation’s tax code. They were telling me they noticed more money in their most recent paychecks. One man even told me he plans to use his extra money to put into his 401(k) so that he can save even more for his retirement.

“This means parents can now plan for their future and start putting away money for their kid’s college fund. It means companies are adding to their workforce, and that those individuals can keep more money in their pockets.

“Ultimately, these hardworking Texans are seeing more jobs, fairer taxes, and bigger paychecks.

“I am proud to be their voice in Washington and will continue fighting on their behalf.”


“I want to brag about…stories from home…the first face is Justin…he runs the Houston Shoe Hospital in my hometown of Sugar Land, Texas….For ten years, I’ve taken my boots to be shined at that store. I talked to Justin about what the tax code, the cuts, will do for his business. He said, ‘it’s simple: more money in my pocket means I will pay off all my credit cards and all our debt.’ But most importantly, Justin met his bride in Mexico. They were married there. With all this new money he has because of our tax cuts, he plans to take his two kids to the same church where they were married to baptize them in the Lord Jesus Christ. That is priceless and that has happened because of these tax cuts.”


I think a story needs to be told about what was the goal of the tax bill? Why did Republicans work so hard to move these ideas forward? And the bottom line to it is that Americans watched as the Democratic Party and President Obama not only had their control of the country, but economically, as the policies of the Democratic Party became more aware to people, Americans and the world watched as America dwindled in economic activity and economic growth. And this took place because of the policies that the president, President Obama at the time, brought forth and Congress passed…and so Republicans began this discussion with the American people…what we need to do is to grow our economy. And that is exactly the discussion that took place during the last presidential election. So, Republicans, as soon as the election was over, began the process of not only making America great again, but doing it by empowering every single state and every single American to be part of this growth.”


“Our bold, pro-growth tax reform bill was signed into law just 67 days ago. Since then, more than four million Americans have seen some combination of wage boost, a bonus, or enhanced employee benefits. Businesses with footprints in the 17th Congressional District, the district I’m honored to represent, such as Apple, Best Buy, Cognizant, CVS, FedEx, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Starbucks, U-Haul, UPS, Walmart, Waste Management, and VISA have passed on some of the savings they’re getting from the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act onto their employees. Additionally, we know there are plenty of other small and large businesses in Texas that are doing the same.”


“Let’s break this down even further to the stories that aren’t making the headlines of major papers, but which are improving lives and growing businesses all across Southeast Texas…Amy in Polk County shared that she was able to purchase new equipment to run her business more efficiently. Helen in Tyler County took her tax savings and plowed it back into her business to help it grow. Julie in Orange shared that she will save enough from the tax cuts to purchase a larger inventory for her business.”

“Robert from Highlands wrote to tell me he is using his tax savings to help his daughter get a college degree. Alan in Houston has decided to put his tax cut into savings for his retirement. Mrs. Drake is now able to buy a new stove, while Justin from Harris County is paying down credit card debt. Scott is using his savings to help him buy a brand-new home. Mr. Woods told me that his tax savings — he is spending it on his wife. He may be the smartest of us all.

“The tax cuts are even helping in Hurricane Harvey recovery. Judy from Orange County shared with me how the tax cuts have enabled her to replace household items destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. And Jason from Baytown is now able to repair his home. The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act is making a real difference in the lives of our friends and our neighbors in Southeast Texas and all across this nation.”


“The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act is working. It’s making a positive impact on our paychecks and our lives. This bill is making a big difference, not just crumbs, but making a big difference. Ronald Reagan once said, whenever we lower the tax rates, our nation is better off. President Reagan, you were onto something.”

“In just over two months, 350 companies have announced more than $3 billion worth of bonuses. That benefits over four million Americans. The success of this bill spans from coast to coast and across all industries, both large and small.”

“I hear the success of this as companies make various announcements, and when I’m back home, I have people coming up to me and telling me how great this bill is doing for them, the great things it is doing for their families and businesses…everyone has a story to share. Paychecks are bigger, there are more opportunities. Student loans don’t seem as daunting. A new car seems within reach. Sports equipment for their children is reachable. That family vacation they have been saving for now is on the verge of reality.”


“I’m proud to have helped pass this…and deliver on a promise that we would create jobs and we would improve the overall quality of life for all Americans. I represent hardworking, God-fearing, freedom-loving people in rural West Texas. They produce the fuel, food, and fiber for this country…the burden of high taxes and regulations hurt all of our job creators, but they have a disproportionate negative impact on the little guys in rural America….according to our survey over 80% of the people I represent say that this tax reform package has helped everybody.”

“The Happy State Bank…are saving $5 million and plowing it back into their human capital. 600 out of 700 Happy State employees will receive an increase in their pay and benefits. Some will receive over 50 percent pay increase. Now, this is not crumbs to the folks that I represent in West Texas. This is real cash in the pockets of real Americans who work hard every day to make ends meet.

“There has been a change in West Texas and for once, it’s not the weather. There is a renewed optimism. You can hear it in their voices and you can see it in their faces.

“Mr. Speaker, we are witnessing a great American comeback and the formula hasn’t changed. From the beginning of this great experiment, limit the government and you will unleash the limitless potential of the American people.”


“I cannot remember ever having the positive feedback for a vote I have taken in this Congress like this for the tax vote. My own Walmart, the week after Christmas, people were coming up to me and saying [they] work for American Airlines and Southwest Airlines. I have a lot of families…who work for American or Southwest and they all got $1,000 bonuses because of the tax relief that we provided. Again, I cannot ever remember having that much positive reinforcement on a bill that the rhetoric going into it was pretty negative.

“The benefits have been immediate. Increases in salaries. Bonuses paid to employees. And Southwest Airlines, in addition to the bonuses paid to their employees, donated $5 million to charity as well as made some capital improvements. FedEx…has a big hub in the district I represent and is going to spend $133 million increasing hourly wages, $66 million on programs for shared employees, and — get this — $3 billion on their pension plan and capital improvements.”